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     My name is Cassidy Byars, the creator of was created to replace my orginal website, Cassidy, which also served as a source of free marching percussion material. With, however the recent increase in traffic to the old site, I felt as though this was an appropriate time to completely revamp the website and add a few new features. My intention for this website is for it to help better the marching perucussion community by providing free sheet music and resources to individuals and programs who do not have access to such material or who may lack the proper instruction to improve their abilities. As some schools are fortunate enough to have percussion instructors on staff, most schools do not. I offer this site to help level the playing field and to give everyone in the entire world a chance to expand and further develop their skills. This site exists to improve one's marching percussion playing ability, reading skills and technique all for free. All I ask is that this site be used to it's maximum potential. Spread the word, and help me allow others to benefit from the existence of this website. Keep drumming, and may a strong work ethic of practicing, playing and learning marching percussion material be reflected upon other aspects of our lives. Work hard, play hard and most importantly, have fun. Thank you for using the site.

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